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Juventide® an anti-aging revolution

Juventide®, with its safe retinol-mimetic action, is the new and unique way to attenuate visible signs of skin aging without any adverse effects.

Skin aging is a continuous and permanent process. Aging induces degradation of many skin properties and functions, with a gradual loss of barrier function, a slower turnover of epithelial cells as well as a decrease in the quality and functionality of the extracellular matrix.

But who said skin aging is inevitable?

Keeping a glowing and healthy-looking skin is part of a positive outlook on aging. Through years of clinical research and innovation, innoVactiv unlocked and patented the amazingly powerful regenerating secret of starfish using a harmless process to deliver a superior natural anti-wrinkle ingredient called Juventide®.

Retinol-Mimetic Action

Retinoids, such as retinol, are the gold standard of topical anti-aging products. Topical application of retinol is effective in reducing the signs of intrinsic aging and repairing photo damaged skin. Cell regeneration, exfoliation, and dermal collagen synthesis are all stimulated by retinol applications. However, the positive clinical results obtained with retinol are offset by several side effects (Kockaert & Neumann 2003), including erythema, peeling, dryness, and pruritus. Factors determining the efficacy and safety of retinol are concentration, stability, encapsulation method and formulation. Despite of efforts to counter the negative effects of retinol, users often stop their retinol treatment before it produces noticeable results.

Juventide® is a safe, stable and easy way to formulate an alternative to retinol with proven positive effects on skin aging.

Key features of Juventide®

  • Natural
  • Easy to formulate (odorless & colorless)
  • Low dosage for a maximum effect
  • Impressive and complete safety & technical dossier
  • Suitable for long-term use without adverse effects on skin

Suggested cosmetic applications

  • Anti-aging formulations
  • Anti-aging active make-up
  • Renewing and regenerating skin care
  • Anti-wrinkle treatment
  • Night regeneration care
  • Specific care for mature skin

Benefits of Juventide™


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